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The Brief

The task was set to design and create an online magazine using the platform, WordPress. We would need to create content for a featured article about the chosen sector. The additional content should be sourced from external websites. The target audience should be considered, and the content should involve the target audience. On top of that, we had to brand our magazine effectively to ensure that it was appealing to our target audience. Furthermore, a social media campaign to promote it. Note: The site was taken offline a few months later following university guidelines.
I created KWAVE Magazine about forthcoming kpop groups. The reason for this selection is because I believe due to this being an online magazine, I will be able to write more about my ideas. The site focuses on four areas of content; ‘Photos, ‘News’, ‘Rookie Groups’, and ‘Contact’. Each section on the site is represented with different topics for K-pop fans who are interested in a particular topic, giving each area its uniqueness.  On top of that, it interests me, and through researching it enabled me to understand there aren’t many online versions regarding this subject just fansites, posting pictures. For that reason, creating a website regarding upcoming kpop groups will be perfect. We all know K-pop became a global phenomenon. The site’s aims are to influence others, and it would be useful to others who aren’t aware and want to discover the music. Along with enabling individuals to keep up to date.



Idea Generation, User Research, Competitor Research & User Persona


Visual Research, Branding, Website Content & Site Map


Content Reading, Featured Article, Wireframes & User Testing


Social Media Campaigns, Website Development, Images & Content selection, Screen recording of the website & Live Website

I was delighted with using the WordPress platform as I have used it in previous cases and felt confident by pushing myself through an engaging website with advanced features. Along with using the CSS, I was able to produce elements on the site, ensuring it was responsive over several screen sizes. I chose to create a website based on upcoming Korean groups as mentioned earlier, based on Korean artists, and it would undoubtedly test me to get the precise feel with the use of imagery, content, etc. I looked into other kpop news sites. This included identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Through analysing the latest trends, I recognised kpop would be a popular topic that would appeal to a large number of audiences. Furthermore, this included creating user personas and journeys. This allowed me to identify the specific market and consider the users’ needs and wants. I chose Kwave Magazine because I felt it represented the ethos of the magazine.


I also created featured articles for the site on upcoming K-pop groups and created an active social media campaign on Twitter with a giveaway for kpop goodies. The purpose of this was for more people to know about Kwave Magazine and through word of mouth, more people will join the contest, which means more people will know about it.

For the style of the website, I chose to make it simple but eye-catching. This is because the objective is to attract the readers to read the articles and communicate with others to discover the website. For the WordPress expansion, I wanted to recognise the code and build each page. One of the Advanced Plugins allowed me to add the Post Grid and then code in the fragments to make the images grow.

Overall, I am tremendously content with the outcome of the website, and I feel I engrossed the precise target audience.


I am developing an implementation strategy for the build phase.

It is bringing together people from various parts of the backgrounds to visit the site.

Working closely with site to define the roadmap.



People felt through discovering Kwave Magazine they understood more about what kpop was and about upcoming kpop groups as they thought they were more up to date with the news, and they trusted us.

On the comments, I was told the navigational structure is simple and usable. The visual design is clear and concise.

Anyone who’s into kpop would know getting all the information on one site will know how much of a significant achievement this is instead of visiting several social media platforms for updates.



Click the button to view the design document created for this project. The design document shows the procedure from researching and concept development as well as the process for coding and the links.