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Working with Pizza Posto

Pizza Posto's freelance work purpose is to provide the most mouth-watering food to customers. From carefully crafted pizzas, grilled burgers, and unique parmos made from scratch. This means making experiences memorable. Its a local fast food place I often visit. They mentioned how they wanted to promote their burgers and asked me if I was able to work with them.

I wanted to ensure as a thank you a personal gift for the locals. I created a promo video which would be showcased on their social media platform. As their mission is for the burgers to be known by all and therefore, it came in mind to include burgers of different varieties which the customers would go for. This leads to more sales through the ad, persuading them to buy from Pizza Posto. Take your taste buds to an adventure.

The Impact

I've managed good relationships with the team at Pizza Posto and what they wanted.

Leading the end-to-end design phase.


-I launched an entirely new ad video for burgers.

-It increased more sales and customers.

-The new advert promoting the burgers enabled more customers to try out the three different burgers and those who haven't ever tried it out before.


thinking ahead

Created a solid base.

I made sure the foundations were keen for the future iterations by sending them the template of my freelance work.

Logo - Freelance Work

Working with Nigels Group

Nigels Group specialises in New Build Mortgages, Remortgages, Buy to Let Mortgages, Mortgage Protection and General Insurance. Along with offering a comprehensive range of the first charge regulated mortgage contracts from across the market.

It is a startup business, and therefore, the designs created were all from scratch. Nigel Anderson is the owner of the financial services. Consequently, I made sure he was involved in every decision making and regularly contacted with regular meetings face to face. The purpose of this was to ensure he had his say, and I was able to use my creativity to build the branding of the stationery during my freelance work.

The Impact

Working closely with Nigels Group on a permanent brand.

I designed a branded stationery ready to use, making it simple and easy.


-It's being used every day.

-It made it easier for Nigel primarily because its a startup business, and he has a branded stationery tool kit.

-Companies such as Nigels Group offering a comprehensive range of the first charge regulated mortgage contracts from across the market.


Please see below with the attachments of the branded stationery which was produced on Adobe Photoshop. Nigel allowed me to choose, but I noted that it is a Financial Services company.

The purpose of creating a branded stationery was because it was one of the key things he needed to run his business. 


Branding - Freelance Work

Working with Simply Norwegian

Simply Norwegian facilitates Norwegian language learning and cultural exchange across the North East of England. As an organisation, it is truly unique in that it offers the only specialist Norwegian tutors within the region. During my freelance work the challenge was to create a poster that would reflect the Norwegian culture. It would have equal appeal to the businesses and consumers.

To promote the range of classes available at the Norwegian Saturday School. As the client felt they wanted more people to be aware of the Norwegian language training in small groups in a relaxed, friendly learning environment and showcase how its located at the heart of Newcastle city centre.

The Impact

It brought in more customers and through word of mouth from others after seeing the advert being displayed on the social media platforms.

More people were interested in learning the language after discovering the site link from the poster and searching the site online.


-It resulted in more customers and growth in the business. The director of Simply Norwegian Linda Skughei was pleased with the thought and every detail on the poster.


Please see below with the attachments of the poster which was produced on Adobe Photoshop.

The director of Simply Norwegian Linda Skughei allowed me to go free as there was no set brief.  

The purpose of creating the poster is to promote Simply Norwegian and what the company offers. On top of that, where it is located to ensure more people are aware, and this will be through word of mouth, whether it is displayed online or offline.

depop - Freelance Work

Working with Depop

Depop is a peer-to-peer social shopping app based in London, with additional offices in Milan and New York City. On their Instagram story, they wanted to promote what they sell on the application.

Therefore, I had the opportunity to create Instagram story designs of the type of clothing which is sold on the application. There was no set brief. However, I noticed how they sold vintage and streetwear items of clothing, to name a few. For that reason, I wanted to add that style and what's currently on-trend.

The Impact

This enabled the Depop Instagram account to receive messages about the clothing and if there was more of this style, which meant more items being sold.

This enabled more sales as the customers purchased items from the Depop application.


-It enabled more customers as they wanted to purchase the item.

-I launched an entirely new method of promoting on Instagram through the stories by providing template design.

-Customers' positive response is that they could quickly discover what's on-trend by viewing the Instagram story.


Please see below with the attachments of the Instagram story designs that were produced on Adobe Creative Cloud. Note: There was no set brief.

The purpose of creating the Instagram story designs is to promote Depop, which is a peer-to-peer social shopping app based in London, with additional offices in Milan and New York City. Overall, what Depop offers, the purpose of this promotion method is to attract more customers using the application to purchase or through word of mouth to tell others about what they might be interested in purchasing, which enables more customers.

instagram story designs

Lovvett - Freelance Work

Working with Lovvett

Lovvett loves food and loves their community. This makes them a lot alike. Lovvett wants to get together and make the right choice. The climate, consumer eating habits, and the restaurant industry are changing. Therefore, uneaten food is the 3rd most significant contributor to climate change. Therefore, their aims and objective are to help food businesses and the public as food businesses struggle with thin margins and substantial losses due to food surplus. Meanwhile, consumers care more about the environment than ever before.

For that purpose, they want to bring people together over the excellent quality food as you can save more than 50% on meals from your favourite venues. Discover your new local faves with my freelance work.

The Impact

#1: Leading the startup company with an advert to promote Lovvett.

#2: This leads to more traffic on the website and businesses contacting Lovvett increasing more sales; on top of that, download the application.

#3: Bringing together people from various parts of the businesses to collaborate with Lovvett.


-Sign-ups increased double with the advert produced by me.

-People felt more confident in the service, they understood what Lovvetto did, and they trusted us.

-From segmenting customers, we now understood our customer base much better than we ever have.

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