JANUARY 2019  – JULY 2019


The Brief

There was no set brief for this project as I was able to produce anything which came in mind related to apps, websites, gaming, ar, vr, and basically anything related to interaction design. I wanted to push it further for my final project for that purpose. I decided to produce an ar application for this project, I focused on ensuring the idea had a whole purpose. I still wanted the end deliverable to be an application, but also feature accompanying documents/products/ar that support Learn 2-D Shapes targeted demographic, parents, teachers and children.

The Solution

The concept would be 2-D Shapes and focusing on numbers allowing children to be immersed in environments in different areas. This is a subject that is different from your average AR gaming techniques and instead focuses on education rather than entertainment.

Moreover, taking a different method of use as an AR learning asset could be revolutionary for education. This is through visual learning. The target market for the A-R 2-D Shapes is 2-4-year olds. The reason for toddlers is because it is the starter point where it takes them longer to learn the properties of each shape, such as the number of sides of the shape or how the shape looks. Therefore, providing toddlers with much practise with shapes helps them to solidify their understanding of the two-dimensional structures. On the other hand, through a visual learning platform. It will allow complicated things like mathematics more accessible to toddlers and to individuals who may be more capable of visual thinking. The idea of using AR with children is to help raise awareness of 2-D Shapes and numbers. To revolutionises, school practises using a combination of animation, with an AR 2D App and a set of cards.


The outcome of Learn 2-D Shapes has been successful. The app had a design which looked slick and modern for the children. Although the app looked good, it functioned well too on top of that with the a-r flash cards it makes it appealing because there is a colourful animation at the same time informative info about the shape and the number of sides it has. This was down to my three stages of user testing being successful. By creating a range of documents/products to support the brand, it helped to bring the business together. This was the first time I have looked at a project with a more ‘business head,’ and it opened my eyes to more than just creating an app. Learn 2-D Shapes has taught me to analyse the ‘whole package,’ and I am content with that.


The Document

Click the button to view the design document created for this project. The design document displays the full process from researching to concept development to the final designs as well as the mock-ups.