UI & UX Design

In October 2017, our class was given a brief to create an application for the elderly with Dementia. We were paired up, and my partner was Nerissa Arviana. The brief was to create an application, which would ensure the elderly connect and it decreases isolation and seclusion. We would need to identify the key users’ needs, consider many features and solution, as well as, determine, which are the most desirable to the users.

The concept would need to appeal to the elderly suffering from loneliness. We would also need to deliver, a design document, an interactive digital prototype of the project, a final video and a declaration of critical replication for the development.

The Resolution

From the term go, I and Nerissa Arviana did not have a bright idea about how we could create an interactive prototype from scratch. From undertaking comprehensive research into existing applications, we had a better understanding of what we had to design.

Abstractly we came up with more than three ideas, to cover the brief. However, after advice, we combined all the concepts into a full app. To best validate the application, we created a set of prototypes to best outline the interactive features and brought the best design to life.

The Document

Click the button to view the design document formed for this project. The design document displays the process of researching and concept development to the final designs and mock-ups.