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It supports the elderly who suffer from Dementia to reach a specific event that they wish to visit quickly and safely. The Events Tracker App will show a step by step guide to reaching the intended location. 



Once the internet is switched on it will suggest events within the local area that the app has discovered through the net that is secure for the older adults to visit.


The Events Tracker App will be suggested to the users by their befriender to use this application. 


The user has the choice to download to access the map when they have no access to the internet.


Through the User Personas it gave me an insight into some of the matters, which were encountered by the elderly. 

Furthermore, being able to highlight it allowed me to develop an app, which would have good user experience within this project. This includes, taking into reflection on potential disabilities and how to resolve this matter.


The purpose of this idea is to support the elderly who are worried and feel solitary by introducing this application, it allows them to join events and socialise and connect with people with similar curiosity. Therefore, to substantiate this, as a group I have developed an idea, which will encounter this subject.

59% of adults over 52 are reported to feel sequestered, compared to 21% who stated they feel delighted.” 


Besides, feeling isolated and secluded is severe as it causes the likelihood of mortality by 26%. This is inferior compared to any other ailment, such as obesity and physical inactivity.

As a result, we decided that coming up with this application would resolve the issue as through meeting people with similar interests, which is recommended by this app, within the area. This reduces the chance of developing a poor health due to loneliness as they meet new people.


There will be a various number of events, which will be hosted, and there will be a location icon near each place. However, to discover this information, they would need to have their GPS on to track relevant information within the area. Moreover, once the user has selected one of the events that they have interests, they will receive information about the event, which they have chosen previously, such as expected number of participants, the duration of the event and the regulations of the event, etc.

The info is accurate if the GPS is switched on. Once the user clicks on the map icon of the place they found appealing, it will recommend different ways to reach the destination. For instance, they will receive information, such as the most straightforward way to reach the event and outlining the route to take.After the user has reached their destination, they will be informed with a notification confirming they have arrived in the correct area.

research, testing the app & feedback

Furthermore, the research we have discovered have similar sectors to our application. Most of the apps allow the users to create a map of the various places where the events are taken place.

However, the applications doesn’t seem to suggest a complete guide to the package and the routes are often disingenuous. This is an aspect we have to evade when producing the application as well as, our form will offer more accessible ways. Through, discovering these apps, we were able to progress our idea.

To test the app with the elderly, I ran a workshop showing a paper version of the app, this led the design and features ensuring the app was understood by the target audience.

Moreover, with the app, I am tremendously pleased with our final application as I went through several stages of the redesign to become entirely contented. I believe the app design is simple and fits in with the ios


On the other hand, the colour arrangement I have selected fits in as it isn’t too lively or too shadowy and it is clear. As well as, I

ensured I covered every feature, and at times I did find it tough to do specific tasks as I wasn’t explicitly stated. However, through looking at tutorials it assisted us as I was organised and I encountered Nerissa on a regular basis to keep up to date, and if Nerissa isn't aware how to do a specific task, I would complete that chore, then start another task.

I felt as though the response we received, I desired to receive it earlier in the project as I felt as though it was provided late making us rush. Overall, I am pleased with the result.

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